Lift & Tow 5-Series Hidden Wheel Lift


Lift & Tow’s 5 series system is the advanced version of the 3 series system. Similar to the 3 series model, the 5 series is a hidden wheel system that rests underneath your truck to tows cars, pickup trucks and vans. The system has adjustable arms (12’’-17”) and wheel lift shoes that expand to fit myriads of uniquely shaped vehicles. Additionally, the 5 series model has a hydraulic control system that extends 62’’ from the back edge of the bumper.

The most significant difference between the 5 series and the 3 series model is that the 5 series powers up and down, as well as in and out. Additionally, it has a 3,500-pound lift and 7,500-pound tow, providing drivers with the convenience of powering the boom out.

Give us a call if you have any questions about our systems. The 5 series system costs just $4,995, when you see how it will make your business more efficient, you will see a nice return on your original investment.